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The Postgraduate Institute of Management (PIM), one of the pioneering providers of an MBA, MPA or equivalent qualification, is now widely recognized for high quality management education across Sri Lanka. The alumni of PIM are the members of PIM Alumni Association.

While you will enjoy the benefits of a great program during your MBA experience, it is important to remember that you are part of something much larger. PIM alumni play leading roles in organizations around the world and are uniquely committed and responsive to each other, the institute and students. Relationships forged during your MBA experience with classmates, faculty, and alumni become lifelong bonds.

We stand for excellence

PIMA membership consists with different stakeholders representing different industries and management levels in the business management fraternity in the island, including professionals, entrepreneurs and influencers. PIMA ExCo consists with a selected set of voluntary members from different capacities, who like to contribute towards the development of PIM and the related fraternity. PIMA always was and continue to be a key pillar behind PIM which support to sustain its excellence.

Message from the Patron

Standing Tall among the Rest

The PIM, is all about building a special breed of professional managers, who achieve mastery to thrive and stand tall in their relevant businesses. Mastery is achieved when we are able to come up with distinctive solutions to common problems. The PIM, having molded thousands of business leaders in this country for over three decades, as the nation’s pioneering business school, will develop further, to become a thought leader in business, within the Asian region and beyond. This will be achieved through our dedicated team of outstanding, academics and industry leaders through international recognition and accreditation. PIM Alumni will be a key partner in this journey.
Dr. Senaka Kelum Gamage – Director, PIM

Create your own legacy

PIMA is a hub of professionals, entrepreneurs, influencers in the business fraternity in Sri Lanka. It creates a knowledge sharing hub while focusing on innovation and performance excellence. A typical value will be added to the members through the exposure they acquire through this network while enhancing their diversified knowledge.

Executive Committee

Different levels of experience, exposures and disciplines are visible with the PIMA executive committee. The profiles of each executive member is illustrated here.

Ramesh Dassanayake


Introducing the President Mr Ramesh Dassanayake in brief, he is a well-known industry professional and an expert in Travel, Tourism & Hospitality industries with over 3 decades of expertise. He is a successful entrepreneur, and is the Founder and Chairman...

Shantha Katipearachchi


Shantha Katipearachchi is an Independent Senior Management Consultant. He obtained the MBA from PIM in 2008. He is a Chartered Marketer with a Diploma in Marketing (MCIM UK) and is a Past Chairman of Chartered Institute of Marketing...

Saman Wimaladasa


Saman Wimaladasa is a digitalization strategist who has over 23 years of experience in the IT and Management discipline, working in both manufacturing and service sector organizations. He possesses over 13 years of experience in project and program...


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