Patrons Message

Patrons Message


dr.ajantha_front_pageExcellence as Essence

We produce thought leaders to the nation.  PIM has been in the forefront in breeding such leaders with character and competence. They are equipped with cutting-edge knowledge and complementary skills needed to perform in both private and public sectors alike. In producing them with clarity and commitment, PIM has always been a centre of excellence in management education with its winds spreading beyond Sri Lanka.  Excellence is all about being exceptionally good. When applied to enterprises, it involves exceptional achievements in a consistent manner. That’s what PIM is proud of being a self-financed, semi-autonomous public entity.

Now the time has come to expand our reach, regionally and globally through research and teaching. The leadership of PIM has been entrusted with another generation. Adhering to best practices with appropriate use of technology is the way forward in ensuring enhanced quality and relevance in all our initiatives. PIM will continue to produce value in practicing values, as the nation’s school of business.

PIM is currently working on a five year strategic plan with the vision of becoming a centre of management excellence in South Asia. We ignite human imagination by developing leaders having global presence with local pulse. In doing so, we pursue innovative teaching, cutting-edge research, enriching partnerships, greener infrastructure and good governance. That is what our mission is all about.

PIM is all of us together. PIMA projects the pride of PIM to the professional community. Your personal commitment towards application of gained knowledge, and professional contribution to workplaces, are of utmost importance.  Let me appreciate the valued commitment of the current  Executive Committee of PIMA that strive to continuously improve the performance of PIMA, in turn raising the profile of PIM.

PIM should continue to go, grow and glow. Let’s strive to fly higher.

Best wishes!

Dr. Ajantha Dharmasiri

Patron, PIM Alumni